XII Balkan Mineral Processing Congress 2007


10 - 14 June 2007
Delphi, Greece

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Acknowledgements from the Chairman of the

XII Balkan Mineral Processing Congress


Dear Colleagues


On behalf of the Scientific Committee of the Balkan Mineral Processing Congress, I am greatly indebted to all of you from the Balkan region, Europe and all over the world that attended the XII Balkan Mineral Processing Congress (BMPC) and greatly contributed to its success in many ways.


The city of Delphi - Greece, center of ancient World (Omphalos in Greek, Navel of Earth), became also the navel of Balkan Peninsula between 10 and 14 of June 2007.


Two hundreds nine participants from 23 countries across the world honoured the XII BMPC with their active participation. Eighty-one oral presentations, out of which 3 plenary lectures, and 41 posters covered a wide spectrum of subjects in the field of Mineral Processing, Metallurgy, Environment etc.


I hope that, during the XII BMPC, new collaborations and contacts were established, knowledge was transferred and exchanged, fruitful discussions were developed and experience was shared between the wonderful mixture of participants from governments, industries, manufacturers, universities, research centers, organizations and other sectors related to Mineral Processing, Metallurgy and Environment.


I also hope that you all enjoyed your residence in the ancient and historic land of Delphi, the social program during the gala dinner with traditional Greek dances, that you tasted traditional dishes of Greek food, and finally, that, despite the heavy scientific program, you had the chance to visit some other wonderful and picturesque places in the neighbouring area.


Once more, I would like to acknowledge all of you for your overall contribution in the success of the XX Balkan Mineral Processing Congress and wish you and your families the best.


With the hope to seeing all of you in the XIII BMPC 2009 to be hosted in Romania, best wishes and regards


The XII BMP Congress Chairman


Dr. Georgios N. Anastassakis

Associate Professor

National Technical University of Athens


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Under the auspices:

Greek Mining Enterprises Association

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Scientific Society of Mineral Wealth Technologists of Greece

Minerals Engineering International

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